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Loan Products

We provide wide variety of loans to our clients. We issue agriculture loans to local farmers to promote the regional productions.

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Saving Products

Here are variety of saving scheme to choose from the following products.

Swabhimaan Saving Will Double in 14 Years.

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SMFBS provides micro-life insurance to its client and her husband by linking its clients with insurance company, National Life Insurance Company Limited. 

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Under remittance service the family members working abroad can send money to their relatives. People can send and receive money easily through SMFBS.

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Message from CEO

Microfinance is for poor and deprived people, low income groups/households, entrepreneurs, small business holders and farmers. For such struggling individuals who lacks collateral, we (Swabhimaan) deliver easy access of our financial services to support them with landings, deposits, trainings.Thereby, results in women empowerment, poverty reduction, promotion of self employment,thus increasing economic prosperity in society.


Krishna Raj Chaudhari

Chief Executive Officer


What our client says


Latest News

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स्वाभिमान लघुवित्तको कम्पनी विश्लेषण

यस साताको फ्लोरसिट विश्लेषणका आधारमा मोस्ट पपुलर बाइ स्टकको सूचीमा परेका कम्पनीहरुमध्ये एक कम्पनी हो, स्वाभिमान लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्था लिमिटेड (SMFBS)। लघुवित ...

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स्वाभिमान लघुवित्तको बोनस आइपुग्यो डिम्याट खातामा

काठमाडौं  : स्वाभिमान लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्थाले २०% बोनस सेयर सम्बन्धित सेयरधनीको डिम्याट खातामा जम्मा गरिदिएको छ । कम्पनीले गत माघ २९ गतेसम्म सेयर डिम्याट गरा ...